Wednesday Aug 10 2022
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Pete Davidson contacting Kim Kardashian’s family, ‘begging’ for ‘another chance’

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Pete Davidson is reportedly not ready to let his ladylove Kim Kardashian go despite their breakup as he’s “begging” her to give him “another chance.”

The comedian, 28, has been contacting the reality TV star’s mother, Kris Jenner, and her sisters in hopes that they would help him get back with the Skims founder, 41.

An insider told OK! Magazine, “Pete is fighting to save the relationship. He is begging Kim to give him another chance and has even contacted her mother, Kris Jenner, and her sisters to ask for their help.”

“Pete is convinced that he can win Kim back. Remember, no one thought someone like Pete would ever date someone like Kim in the first place, but he did. Now he is going to win her back,” the source added.

However, it does not seem like Kim is interested in reconciliation anymore as the source says that she was the one who broke up with Pete in the first place.

“Pete is a great guy but too intense. He wants to get married like yesterday, but Kim isn’t even fully divorced yet,” the outlet shared.

“What Pete is doing now isn’t a good look. It’s only confirming what Kim already knew. Pete needs to chill. Contacting her family members isn’t cool — it’s desperate,” it added.

The outlet previously revealed that the former Saturday Night Live star wanted to take his relationship with Kim a step ahead as he was ready to propose.

“Pete was ready to propose, get married and have a baby, but Kim wasn’t ready to that,” a source told the outlet. “Her family loved him and her kids liked him too, but Kim just wasn’t so sure.”

“Pete is fun and kind but was way too needy. He became obsessed with her, which is flattering at first but can get annoying very quickly,” the insider noted.