Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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WATCH: Man offers prayers before stealing donation box from Indian temple

Video shows man coming inside temple and offering prayers, then removing donation box and taking it with him

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The picture shows man praying in temple. — Instagram screengrab/India Today
The picture shows man praying in temple. — Instagram screengrab/India Today 

A video of a man stealing the donation box from a temple has gone viral on social media. 

However, what grabbed the netizen's attention is that the man prayed before stealing the donation money. 

The video shows a shirtless man coming inside the temple and offering prayers. The man then removes the donation box and takes it with him. 

The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh, India. 

The video has accumulated many over two million views, triggering different reactions from the people. 

Many people sympathised with the man, saying that he was helpless. 

"God does not need money. People do. Maybe he knows he is doing wrong but he is helplessly in need of money," wrote a user. 

One of the users wrote: "This act of his indicates his helplessness."

"That’s how desperate people have become. He knows it’s wrong but obviously feels like he has no choice," wrote another. 

However, some criticised his act and spoke against it.