Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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Video: China police detain woman for wearing Japanese kimono

With Japan being closely aligned with Western allies, including the US, Chinese hostility and anger grow

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Girl wearing Japanese kimono. —Unsplash
Girl wearing Japanese kimono. —Unsplash

  • Young woman was cosplaying as character from manga series.
  • While she was taking photos, police approached her.
  • Video sparks discussion about rising Chinese nationalism and hostility towards Japan.

A Chinese woman has claimed that she was detained by the police for wearing a Japanese kimono, reported The Guardian.

She said that the police accused her of "picking quarrels".

The young woman was cosplaying as a popular character from the manga series Summer Time Rendering, wearing a kimono and a wig.

While she was taking photos, the police approached her and her photographer, as seen in the video they posted on Twitter.

The Guardian shared a translated version of the video where the officer tells the woman: “If you came here wearing Hanfu, I wouldn’t say this. However, you are wearing a kimono as a Chinese. You are a Chinese! Are you?”

Hanfu is a traditional Chinese dress. The woman was accused of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” which is reportedly something that Chinese authorities use "routinely" against journalists, dissidents, and activists.

The woman said that Suzhou police interrogated her for nearly five hours. She added that she was told to not make the matter public online.

Suzhou police have not publicly commented on the matter yet.

The video that was viewed by millions of people sparked a heated discussion about rising Chinese nationalism, hostility towards Japan, and wartime atrocities. 

The Japanese government has not been happy about China's expansionist behaviour, especially their interest in Taiwan. With Japan being closely aligned with Western allies including the US, Chinese hostility and anger grow.