Top five coolest neighbourhoods in the world

The title "cool" was given to areas with "cutting-edge culture and nightlife, lively street life and big community vibes"

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Hiphop in Copenhagen, Denmark.— Unsplash
Hiphop in Copenhagen, Denmark.— Unsplash

The Time Out Index survey questions thousands of city-dwellers on the planet and studies different aspects of each city to find out the "coolest" places and shares its results annually.

By mixing public opinions and taking expert input, this year too, they have unveiled the list of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world.

How do you define "cool" though? While subjective, Time Out says it has given the title to cities that have a "cutting-edge culture and nightlife; brilliant and affordable food and drink; lively street life and big community vibes." 

These are also cities that are "great to live in and stay at". The survey also takes into account schools.

1. Colonia Americana

Guadalajara, Mexico

Many Mexicans know Guadalajara as the country's "cultural capital". There are many places, new and old, to explore. Streets are alive with street performers and many food carts.

2. Cais do Sodré

Lisbon, Portugal

Due to this neighbourhood's nightlife and excellent opportunities for young chefs, it is ranked second. The area has some of the "coolest" places for breakfast, lunch, and even for snacks. 

3. Wat Bo Village

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Its riverside location really helps Wat Bo Village. With its nightlife, scenery, and social enterprises by local women, Time Out has called it "arguably Asia’s most happening".

4. Ridgewood

New York, USA

Close to the Brooklyn border, the diversity in the neighbourhood makes NYC's Ridgewood one of the coolest. It is a good space to be in for old-school people as well as trendy ones. Time Out says it has a "low-key" vibe.

5. Mile End

Montreal, Canada

Historically, Mile End was the go-to choice for Jewish immigrants, artists, and Indie bands. It has some of the best restaurants, bakers, and flower shops.

The survey chalks out the top 51 neighbourhoods in the world which include Barrio Logan, San Diego, USA, Dundas West in Canada's Toronto, Little India in Singapore, and Bandra West in India's Mumbai.