'Let that sink in': Elon Musk visits Twitter HQ with an actual sink

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Elon Musk holding a sink.— Screengrab via Twitter
Elon Musk holding a sink.— Screengrab via Twitter

Elon Musk, who has changed his Twitter bio to "Chief Twit" before closing his $44 billion Twitter deal, visited the San Francisco headquarters of the microblogging platform and walked in with a sink.

The billionaire who is known for his witty tweets posted a video of himself in the HQ with the sink. In a hilarious wordplay, he captioned the clip: "Let that sink in".

Musk can be seen carrying the sink into the office where reportedly the Chief Marketing Officer of Twitter, Leslie Berland, had already given the staff a heads-up about Tesla CEO's visit ahead of the deal.

When the deal closes, it would put an end to a long series of dramatic events since Musk announced the decision to buy the social media platform in April.

A lot of suspense was created when he terminated the deal in July and accused Twitter of violating the agreement and misquoting the number of spam and bot accounts.

Musk took another U-turn last week, confirming that he would in fact go on with the deal at the original offer. The deal is expected to close on October 28.