Thursday Nov 24 2022
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Pete Davidson’s become 'fun & wild' therapy for woman coming out of painful divorce: Expert

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Pete Davidson's ability to joke and his reputation as a “rebound date” for women coming out of a painful relationship has added to his desirability.

The former Saturday Night Live star has dated some famous celebrities in the past including Ariana Grande, Margaret Qualley, and Kim Kardashian, and now he is involved with Emily Ratajkowski.

A body language expert, Judi James, weighed in on the capabilities of the comedian which makes him a hit among A-list Hollywood women while talking to Daily Mail.

James said the King of Staten Island star’s “powerful Alpha vibe” and someone who “measures his relationships in months instead of years” makes him "like catnip" to famous women.

She added that Davidson’s luck with women like Kardashian and Ratajkowski come from the fact that he’s able to laugh at himself which is scarcely seen in “toxic exes” of such ladies.

“Not only does Pete look like a man who is continually punching above his weight, he acts like it too with his body language. He tends to look star-struck in a very flattering way.

“The more beautiful a woman is the more she tends to attract the arrogant Narcissist. Pete looks like the opposite, which could be refreshing,” she added.

James further said that Davidson’s line of work adds to his appeal as it helps to create an “alpha vibe” in the industry where celebrities often “take themselves a little too seriously.”

“The way his relationships get measured in months rather than years, but without any painful, ego-crushing endings, could make him the perfect 'fun and wild' therapy for any woman coming out of a painful divorce,” James said referencing his romance with Kardashian.

His dating history with Kardashian “adds an extra sense of sexiness and rebellion to a star's profile, making them the ideal sought-after fashion accessory.”

“When you see shots of Pete with his dates it's usually the women instigating all the sexual signals while he just sits looking grateful. In a world of controlling exes this too could be like therapy for the women,” James said.