Friday, November 25, 2022
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Prince Harry sold ‘royal vault of secrets’ for mysterious absence from 'The Crown'

Prince Harry reportedly sparked a deal with Netflix to remove him from The Crown in exchange for royal vault of secrets’

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Prince Harry has reportedly managed to snag a deal with Netflix and experts fear he sold Royal Family secrets for a plea deal for a ‘mysterious absence’.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield made this shocking admission while speaking to TalkTV presenter Cristo Foufas.

Ms Schofield began the conversation by asking, “Harry is mysteriously gone. So I take back what I said about him having no control."

In response Mr Foufas admitted, “He gets a line in the first episode and then… Harry doesn’t exist. She [Diana] could have just had one child because you don’t see him.”

Even Mr Jonathan Sacerdoti chimed in later on and admitted to Express UK, “I do wonder if one of the reasons that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven't taken a firm stand with Netflix by refusing to make their series is it didn't change that sort of approach towards The Crown.”

“I wonder if it might be some sort of arranged deal, spoken or unspoken that they have that will see them left alone in the crown if they provide their version of their story.”