Meghan Markle faced 'serious, credible' threats from far-right says former UK police official

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Meghan Markle faced serious, credible threats from far-right says former UK police official

Former head of counter terrorism for the Met Police, Neil Basu has revealed that there were many serious, credible threats against Meghan Markle emanating from the far-right.

Speaking on Channel 4 News, he discussed "disgusting and very real" threats Prince Harry and Meghan Markle faced.

Commenting on his statement, Meghan and Harry's biographer Omid Scobie said, "I saw some of these threats firsthand while the Sussexes were working royals."

"I have written about them in numerous report. For those who have scoffed about ongoing security matters, the following from Met Police's former head of counter terrorism should be illuminating," he said while sharing a clip from Neil Basu's interview.

Harry and Meghan are currently living in California with their two children after stepping down from their royal duties.