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James McAvoy reveal why he didn't campaign to land Oscar for 'Atonement': 'I Felt Cheap'

James McAvoy shares a first-hand experience that explains why he felt wrong to campaign for Oscar win

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James McAvoy reveal why he didnt campaign to land Oscar for Atonement: I Felt Cheap

James McAvoy recently opened up on why he chose not to campaign to receive Oscar for Atonement (2007).

In an interview with British GQ on November 28, James McAvoy shared his first-hand experience with how Forest Whitaker received his first Oscar in a leading role for The Last King of Scotland, in which he also starred.

McAvoy reveals he wasn't happy with how Forest Whitaker had to cosy up to the members of the Academy to receive the nod, as per Deadline.

The actor told the publication, "[With the Last King of Scotland campaign], it was made clear to me that I was doing it for the benefit of other people. And I was totally down with that.”

He added, “But by the time Atonement came along, I was 26 or 27, and I was just like, I can’t do it, I’m not doing it, I don’t wanna do it."

McAvoy, 43, also explained, "I didn’t want to play that part. I’ll push the film, I’ll try and get bums on seats. But the campaign, I felt… I felt cheap."

The actor says that now he will only sign up for films that are "interesting." He explained, "If my character hasn’t got an interesting part in telling that story it’s quite soul destroying."

Although Atonement received seven nominations at the Oscars, the film directed by Joe Wright, only won Best Original Score, which went to Dario Marianelli.