SSGC announces massive gas loadshedding plan for Sindh

Sindh consumers will get gas 8 hours a day from 6-9am, 12-2pm, and 6-9pm, says SSGC spokesperson

Ali Imran Syed

A representative image. -File
A representative image. -File
  • SSGC consumers to get gas for only 8 hours a day. 
  • Conusmers say this is worst load-shedding in Sindh.
  • Gas supply won't be completely shut for the rest of the day: SSGC.

The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) Monday announced that under a new load management plan, gas will be supplied to consumers in Sindh from 6-9am, 12-2pm, and 6-9pm — for a total of eight hours.

The SSGC official said that the gas supply would not be cut off completely for the rest of the day. The SSGC will ensure supply in the above-mentioned eight hours as per the government directives, he added.

Last month, the SSGC halted its gas supply to industries across Karachi from November 15 to February 28 as gas crisis worsened in the port city. The gas supply company’s move came in its bid to prioritise domestic and commercial consumers in Sindh and Balochistan meeting their demands in the process.

It should also be noted that all CNG (compressed natural gas) stations in Sindh have already been shut down for two-and-half months due to gas shortage.

The gas company’s notice was rejected by industries which said the halt in supply will lead to massive layoffs and closure of businesses as a result.

In October and November, two different fake announcements with SSGC’s name floated on the internet suggesting that the government would increase gas loadshedding hours to 18 leaving domestic and commercial gas consumers apprehensive. The company, however, rejected the news and said that a gas management plan was being devised and was postponed at the time.

State Minister for Petroleum Musadik Malik also clarified that no plan was announced yet. He said that authorities concerned were directed to devise a strategy ensuring supply during mealtimes “at any cost”.

The federal government’s gas load management plan was adjusted after its application in November to supply gas to domestic consumers across Pakistan for 8 hours. The Energy Ministry told The News that commercial consumers will be provided RLNG in Punjab except for roti tandoors, which will be provided system gas (local gas).