Coastal Highway blocked in Gwadar after police arrest 'Haq Do Tehreek' protestors

Protesters have been holding a sit-in at Gwadar's main expressway leading to key installations

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Gwadar protest — Twitter
Gwadar protest — Twitter
  • "Haq Do Tehreek" leader Hussain Wadala arrested by police.
  • Talks continue but no breakthrough has been achieved until now.
  • Protesters holding sit-in at expressway leading to port, airport.

QUETTA: Coastal Highway was blocked in protest near Gwadar's Sarbandan area after seven"Haq do Tehreek" supporters, including their leader Hussain Wadala, were arrested by the police.

The protestors have been demanding a reduction in the number of check posts, easier border trade, and a total end to deep-sea fish trawling in the sea next to Gwadar.

The movement has been protesting in Gwadar for nearly eight weeks under the leadership of Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman.

According to details, the supporters of the movement blocked Coastal Highway near Sarbandan after the arrest of their leaders. They have also announced a strike in Gwadar and a rally in support of the arrested leaders in Pasni.

Clarifying the Balochistan government's position, spokesperson Farah Azeem said that the protestors tried to shut the Gwadar port after which the police took action and arrested some of them.

She added that the movement's attitude is provocative.

Meanwhile, National Party (NP) has condemned the arrest and police action against the protestors, demanding the immediate release of those taken into custody by the police. 

NP General Secretary Muhammad Jan Buledi said that the government should hold meaningful talks with the protestors and their leadership.  

A month-long protest demonstration in the port town last year resulted in some promises by the government but the issues could not be addressed.

The government has again formed a committee to negotiate with the leadership of the movement; however, it could not achieve a breakthrough until Saturday. 

On Sunday, Home Minister Balochistan Mir Ziaullah Lango said they are trying to end the strike and sit-in in Gwadar through talks adding that solutions are always found via dialogue.

He added that Commissioner Karachi, DIG, and DC Gwadar had been instructed to hold talks with the protestors, and they were hopeful of ending the stalemate.

The home minister added that the chief minister advised resolving the issue through negotiations. He hoped that "Haq Do Tehreek" leader Hidayat-ur-Rehman would respect their offer for talks.