time Sunday Jan 29 2023
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King Charles'coronation: Prince William fears Prince Harry will steal the limelight

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King Charlescoronation: Prince William fears Prince Harry will steal the limelight

Princes William is opposing King Charles idea of inviting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex because the Prince of Wales thinks his younger brother will steal the limelight.

While Prince Harry used his Netflix documentary and his book "Spare" to criticise all the senior members of the royal family, he and his wife gave the impression that it was William and his wife Kate who drove them out of the UK.

According to Mail on Sunday, King Charles has asked Archbishop of Canterbury to persuade Prince Harry to attend his coronation, according to Mail on Sunday.

The report said Prince William is concerned Harry will use the event to stage a 'stunt' that would overshadow the event.

Citing unnamed sources,the report said the king has requested Justin Welby to strike an agreement between his sons to attend his coronation in May.

The report said Prince Harry could be assured the royal titles of him and his wife would not be removed if he attends the event as part of the deal.

It added that Prince Harry could be guaranteed a high-seating position in the Abbey.

The newspaper reported that the royal 'family is spilt and all the indications are that Harry is being advised to agree to nothing at this stage and play it long right up to the last minute, which is making negotiations with him very difficult.

The report further said that the King thinks Meghan and Harry's absence would be a great distraction than their presence.