Prince Harry admits Queen mother ‘loathed’ King Edward for choosing American woman

Prince Harry talks about his intimate conversation with Queen Elizabeth II mother

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Prince Harry has touched upon a conversation with his great-grandmother, mother of Queen Elizabeth II, in his memoir ‘Spare.’

Writing in the book, the Duke of Sussex recalls how wanted the senior royal to talk about what went down with her husband, King George VI, and his elder brother Edward VIII, who abdicated just months after he became the monarch of Britain.

He writes in his book: “She was my Gan-Gan. She was born three years before the aeroplane was invented yet still played the bongo drums on her hundredth birthday. Now she took my hand as if I were a knight home from the wars, and spoke to me with love and humor and, that night, that magic night, respect.

He adds: “I wish I’d asked about her husband, King George VI, who died young. Or her brother-in-law, King Edward VIII, whom she’d apparently loathed. He gave up his crown for love. Gan-Gan believed in love, but nothing transcended the Crown. She also reportedly despised the woman he’d chosen.”

Prince Harry’s memoir is now out on shelves.