Saturday Mar 18 2023
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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle drama a ‘TV series that has gone on a season too long’

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been warned against portraying their 20-month long stint, as working royals, as a “TV series that has gone on a season too long.”

Royal commentator and author Daniela Elser made these admissions in a piece for the New Zealand Herald.

In it, she wrote, “Since 2020, the world has watched rapt as Harry and Meghan have styled their 20-month stint as a working royal couple into a Homeric clash between their right-on thinking and a stony-hearted family that permanently refused to appoint a royal shaman.”

“Like a once-hit TV series that has gone on a season too long, the writers milking the same tired material, it’s beyond due for the Sussexes to find a new angle.”

This claim comes shortly after The Telegraph’s Camilla Tominey raised suspicions that Meghan Markle’s joined Instagram because of the username, @Meghan.

This is because Ms Tominey believes, “no one other than a celebrity [would be] able to secure a handle on first-name terms.”