WATCH: Korean mom speaks fluent Punjabi leaving netizens amazed

Instagrammer, who goes by name Desi Korean on platform, introduces his mom to followers on Instagram

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Korean-Pakistani creator Sungkun Siddiqui (right) with his mother. — Instagram/desi_korean
Korean-Pakistani creator Sungkun Siddiqui (right) with his mother. — Instagram/desi_korean

A Korean-Pakistani creator and his mother have been in news recently leaving netizens delighted at their adorable interaction in Punjabi.

With Korean culture taking over the world with their talent in the world of entertainment, particularly their drama and music industry, a mother-son duo from South Korea's Seoul city has garnered traction for their light-hearted videos on Instagram.

Sungkun Siddiqui, who goes by the name Desi Korean on Instagram, recently uploaded a video on the platform introducing his mom to his followers.

"If my mum can speak Punjabi then so can you!" the caption of the video read.

In the now-viral reel — which has amassed over 0.7 million views, Sungkun's mother is seen conversing with her son in fluent Punjabi leaving the internet amazed at her finesse in the language. In the video, Sungkun asked his mother some questions in Punjabi to which responded quite eloquently.

The Instagrammer asks his mother if she can speak the regional language. "Han aundee hai (Yes, I can)," said the mother.

He then goes on to tell his mother to speak a few phrases in Punjabi. Taking a few moments to think about what can be said, Sungkun teased his mother and dismissed her claims.

He then asked his mom what her favourite movie was after which she took a pause. Sungkun soon after interrupted and jokingly asked if it was the Punjabi movie 'Carry On Jatta'.

But his mother, while forgetting the movie's name, said: "Nahi, meri pasand ki movie Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi. (No, I like the movie 'Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi')."

The Korean mother implied the Indian movie Raja Hindustani.

Reacting to this cute interaction between the mother and son, netizens couldn't help but comment on the fluency of the Korean mom.

"Bro...her urdu is amazing mashallah," one social media user wrote.

Another commented: "She speaks better Punjabi than many Punjabis I know."

"Aunty rocks, Punjabis shocked," wrote another user.

One netizen termed Sungkun's mother "too cute" and said: "Nazaar na lege."