Wednesday, May 03, 2023
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Prince Harry had 'same old problem' with Chelsy Davy before breakup

Deutsche Welle
Prince Harry had same old problem with Chelsy Davy before breakup

Prince Harry is talking about his final days with girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

The Duke of Sussex, in his memoir ‘Spare’, notes how his life in the British Army and his obligations as a member of the Royal Family, came in the way of his love life.

Harry, who was 25 at the time, decided to amicably part ways with Davy, owing to her freedom and long distance relationship.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Harry touches upon the day he got his ‘wings’ as a pilot in 2010.

He pens about Davy: “We had all the same old problems, nothing had been solved. Also, Chels wanted to travel, have fun, be young, but I was once again on a path to war. I’d soon be shipping off. If we stayed together, we’d be lucky to see each other a handful of times over the next two years, and that was no kind of relationship.”

Harry also adds that the breakup was inevitable and something that was healthy for himself and Davy.

“Neither of us was surprised when we found ourselves in the same old emotional cul-de-sac. Goodbye, Chels. Goodbye, Hazza. The day I got my wings, I figured she got hers,” Harry adds.

Harry and Davy dated each other for seven years before calling it quits in 2010.