Thursday, May 04, 2023
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Meghan Markle eyeing similar career as Oprah Winfrey in media?

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Meghan Markle expected to make her career as a talk show host similar to that of Oprah Winfrey and might even try her hand at acting.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, royale expert Christopher Andersen said that the Duchess of Sussex may launch a successful talk show after her ongoing rift with Royal family ends.

"If Meghan doesn’t end up hosting a daytime syndicated talk show, I'll be surprised," the author of The King said of the Suits alum, who recently signed for representation with WME.

"She certainly seems well-suited to that role in particular, and I can easily see her pursuing a career path similar to Oprah's in the media: a show, a magazine, producing, directing — the works. She still has a sizeable chunk of the viewing public in her corner.

Andersen continued, "Once all the controversy surrounding the Sussexes' ongoing feud with the rest of the royal family dies down, assuming it ever does, I could easily see her launching a successful talk show.”

"Meghan has always had her fingers in a lot of pies, and she has a knack for getting what she wants,” he continued. “Millions of girls dream of becoming a princess, but she made it happen — and against all odds to boot! Becoming the next Oprah — a powerful and influential media mogul — does not feel far-fetched at all."

He went on to suggest that the former actor may resume acting, citing an example from history. "Will she ever return to acting? Why not?" he said.

"I think it's interesting that Princess Grace of Monaco, who achieved stardom as Grace Kelly, was planning a return to acting just before she died in a car crash in 1982.

“And of course, Oprah still acts occasionally. I'm sure the dream of winning an Oscar - either in front of the camera or behind it - has never been that far from Meghan's mind."