WATCH: Fearless woman takes walk with alligator

The scary yet heart-warming interaction receives varying opinions from people online

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This representational picture shows an alligator resting on land. — Unsplash /File
This representational picture shows an alligator resting on land. — Unsplash /File

In a captivating yet unsettling web video, a woman bravely embarks on a walk with a big alligator.

With an incredible 808,000 views, the viral video posted on Instagram by the user The Reptile Zoo has captured the attention and fascination of viewers from all around the world.

As she calmly strolls alongside the menacing reptile in the video, the woman shows tremendous bravery and confidence that few people can match. The size and might of the alligator are unquestionably terrifying.

The woman's comfortable demeanour and seeming comfort around the animal, though, are a unique sight.

Nevertheless, the video serves as a testament to the incredible diversity of the natural world and signifies that connections between humans and nature can be strong.

In addition to the fascination that the video projects, it reminds us of the wonders of our world.

The video's chilling moment has inspired people online to leave comments.

While some users were astounded by the footage, others couldn't help but express their fear and concern for the safety of those involved.

One user simply commented, "Amazing," emphasising their wonder and gratitude for the amazing experience documented in the video.

Meanwhile, another user was moved to express their concern, highlighting the potential risks and pleading for caution with the comment, "This is not safe; please be extra careful."

These contrasting reactions reflect the diverse range of emotions stirred by the video.

It also serves as a timely reminder of the ability of captivating content to evoke strong feelings and provoke vital conversations about security and respectful interactions with wildlife.