Trump's hearing delayed after disagreement over witness communication

Trump hearing was overshadowed by dispute over whether he should be allowed to communicate with specific witnesses

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Former President Donald Trump. Twitter
Former President Donald Trump. Twitter

Former President Donald Trump made his first appearance in court facing 37 federal charges. However, the proceedings were delayed because of a disagreement over whether Trump should be allowed to talk to certain witnesses in the case.

The judge suggested that Trump should avoid communicating with the witnesses and victims listed by the prosecutors, according to CNN. Trump's attorney argued against this restriction, saying that many of these people were regularly in contact with Trump and that they could handle any issues through their own lawyers.

The judge mentioned that it was common practice in cases filed in the Southern District of Florida, where Trump's indictment was brought, to restrict communication with witnesses. He suggested that prosecutors compile a list of witnesses and victims, and Trump should refrain from speaking with them as the case moves forward. The judge also mentioned that Trump's co-defendant, Walt Nauta, should only be restricted from discussing the case but not from general communication since Nauta works closely with Trump.

Trump's attorney opposed the idea of completely barring Trump from contacting the case's witnesses. He argued that many of these individuals, including those who protected Trump, could potentially be witnesses themselves. He believed that the restriction was not appropriate and wouldn't work.

The prosecutor proposed a compromise where the government would create a list of witnesses with whom Trump couldn't communicate, but it wouldn't include all potential trial witnesses. This suggestion aimed to address the judge's concerns while accommodating Trump's situation.

Trump's attorney still objected to this approach, considering it unnecessary and potentially unworkable. He argued that there were already mechanisms in place to address any improper witness contact, such as the witnesses having their own lawyers who could handle the issue.