WATCH: Pasco County mission rescues stuck horse 'Mo' from swimming pool

"Squad 1 responded to scene with large animal rescue equipment, and team went to work," reads video caption

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In yet another rescue mission by humans to save animals who are stuck in different places, the Pasco County Fire Rescue in Florida, US helped a horse named Mo to come out of a swimming pool with the help of a tractor as it fell and got stuck.

The team responded to the scene after receiving reports of a horse falling into a swimming pool after it was "spooked by another horse and jumped into a swimming pool."

While sharing a video of a unique rescue from the scene the Pasco County Fire Rescue showed the people hauling Mo by fitting him in harnesses and then lifting him up from the pool using the help of a tractor.

The caption of the video read: "Check out the video of our Special Operations Team rescuing a horse that was spooked by another horse and jumped into a swimming pool. Pasco County Fire Rescue Firefighters were called to Frontier Drive around 5:30pm Tuesday to find a horse stuck in a swimming pool."

It further added: "Firefighters started to keep the horse calm and called for assistance. Squad 1 responded to the scene with our large animal rescue equipment, and the team went to work. After hopping into the pool, firefighters secured a hoisting harness to the horse and carefully lifted the horse from the water."

While thanking those who reported the incident, the team also noted: "We are happy to report that the horse is in good condition! Thank you to everyone who responded and worked vigilantly to save a life!"

Earlier days, a similar video also surfaced on social media showing rescuing a fully-grown wild leopard trapped inside a deep well in a village in the Indian state of Karnataka has broken the Internet.

As the residents and other people brought the ladder to rescue the large cat, it became scared so they found a way to bring it out by a long stick with fire lit on it, with the user calling it a "jugaad".

The people then budged the big cat and soon after that, the cat came outside the well. As it came out, the villagers rejoiced.