Hailey Bieber weighs in ‘dividing the internet’ with ‘Nepo Baby’

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Hailey Bieber weighs in ‘dividing the internet’ with ‘Nepo Baby’
Hailey Bieber weighs in ‘dividing the internet’ with ‘Nepo Baby’

Hailey Bieber recently weighed in on the moment she completely ‘divided’ the entire internet with her Nepo Baby comments.

The star weighed in on everything during one of her latest interviews with Bloomberg’s The Circuit.

Bieber weighed in on it all while speaking to Bloomberg’s The Circuit, for a lengthy interview.

She started off by explaining how “My point to having worn the T-shirt was not to poke fun at it or be like, ‘Yeah I’m a nepo baby haha,’ type of a thing. It was more so to be like, 'This is what everyone is saying and I want you to know that this is my way of responding to it'.”

“I’m just going to call myself a nepo baby, because I am one, and I embrace that I am.

The Rhode Skin founder later went on to note that she only wore the shirt because she thought it may be a ‘funny gag’ as she never felt like “that much of a nepo baby.”

“What was funny about that to me, the way the internet is, it's like nothing’s ever enough,” she also said when looking back at the moment.

“You're going to sit there and call me a nepo baby all day long, but then I acknowledge it and then I'm not enough of a nepo baby?” she asked during the middle of her interview.

Before concluding, Bieber also noted, “There is never any winning with the internet, and that’s what I've always time and time again realized.”