Margot Robbie features match 'Barbie' aesthetics, AI reveals

An AI tool confirmed Margot Robbie's appeal

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An AI tool confirmed Margot Robbies appeal
An AI tool confirmed Margot Robbie's appeal 

Margot Robbie is truly a Barbie when it comes to her facial aesthetics.

The Aussie actor was judged by an expert on Tiktok with the help of an AI beauty rating tool.

In the video, the 33-year-old's different features were analysed to explain why she matched the Mattel doll's allure, according to the Qoves Studio's head Shafee Hassan.

"One thing is that she doesn't have the augmented cheek look that is becoming increasingly popular," with Bella Hadid shown as an example of bucking the trend with this look," the 23-year-old added.

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The Suicide Squad star eyes were also noted as "youthful" and "proportionate" due to their "highly feminine morphology (the shape) with upturned eyes (high palpebral axis) and upturned eyebrows."

Moreover, as far as her angular jawline is concerned, it sharply compliments her feminine features.

"To put it simply, she gets the universally recognised benefits of a strong jawline without compromising on her overall facial dimorphism or the femininity of the face and making her look overtly masculine," the Sydney-based company chief added.

Last but not least, Robbie's nasal contour was described as 'perfect' as its tip was on the dot, not "excessively bulbous, droopy or fleshy." 

The same could be said for her "plump yet proportionate lips."