Dog shocks couple by eating their destination wedding plan

Frattaroli says if he does not get his passport before flight, his fiancee, with guests will travel to Italy without him

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The Massachusetts couples chewed passport can be seen in this screen grab taken on August 23, 2023. — ABC7
The Massachusetts couple's chewed passport can be seen in this screen grab taken on August 23, 2023. — ABC7 

A couple of South Boston Donato was stressed out after finding out that their pet chewed their passport, eventually spoiling their plans for a memorable wedding in Italy.

The Massachusetts couple was worried as the damaged passport threatened their chance of getting married in Europe, leaving them no choice but to wait for a new passport to come before they depart for the European destination.

It is usually written in books stories when someone forgets to complete their homework: "My dog ate my homework". However, the books may now add this occurrence to add variety to their storytelling.

Donato Frattaroli and his life partner went to the city hall to document their marriage intention, just more than a week before they are set to depart for Italy where they prepared for their memorable life event on August 31.

The couple was stunned when they arrived home and found out that their dog Chickie — short for Chicken Cutlet — the couple's 1-and-a-half-year-old golden retriever, chewed multiple pages of Frattaroli's passport.

The couple then contacted the state officials to help get them both in reaching Italy.

Frattaroli said: "I'm just a little stressed. Luckily, Congressman [Stephen] Lynch's office and [Senetor] Markey's office have been super responsive. They've been in touch, at least with me and the State Department, to try to expedite things and get a new passport. Keep my fingers crossed and, hopefully, everything will work itself out."

Their flight is scheduled for Friday. Frattaroli said if he is unable to get his expedited passport before the flight, his fiancee and all of their wedding guests will travel to Italy without him.

And if the passport is not handed to him in time for Frattaroli to make it in time for his planned wedding, he will be then welcoming his fiancee and the guests when they come back to the United States.