WATCH: Horrifying 16-foot long Python crawls on roof in Australia leaving people terrified

As the video made its way to the social media TikTok, it was viewed over 10 million times

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This video from Queensland, Australia shows a 16-foot-long Python crawling over a roof.

An Australian family was deeply terrified and shocked after they found out that a giant 16-foot snake was crawling over their house's roof in Queensland as they were going to grab lunch. 

As the video made its way to the social media TikTok, it was viewed over 10 million times.

The caption of the video read: "Only in Australia will you see a 5-[meter] long Carpet Snake in the suburbs."

The footage shows the massive python moving slowly from the house's roof into a nearby tree.

The family while shooting the video was stunned by seeing the reptile — — which generally grows to 13 feet in length.

In the video, one onlooker exclaimed: "They're freaky aren't they."

"How will we get him away?" a child asked, to which a woman replied, "We won't."

A man can be heard in the video saying: “Come on, your quiche is getting cold,” appearing to be disturbed as their meal time was being interrupted. 

Later, a little kid, flummoxed by the tree-scaling constrictor, asks whether this is a tree snake. An older person then replied: "No he’s a carpet snake, darling."

People under the comments expressed how they felt as one user wrote: "I miss five minutes ago when I didn't know these exist." While another wrote, "That’s an anaconda."

A carpet python, weighing up to 15 kilograms and ranging from four to five meters in length, is often seen moving in trees, possibly hunting a bird or possum or avoiding self-predation, according to Snake Catcher Dan from the Sunshine Coast.

He said: "Their muscles, distributed properly, hold them up. They reach out for a strong point, then they use muscle and weight to hold themselves up before stretching out to the next spot."

"It's quite common to see carpet pythons in trees, either soaking up the sun, avoiding dogs or people, or hunting birds and possums," he remarked.