Bob Odenkirk gets honest about early 'SNL' stint

Bob Odenkirk shares an experience about his time on 'Saturday Night Live'

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Bob Odenkirk gets honest about early SNL stint
Bob Odenkirk gets honest about early 'SNL' stint 

Bob Odenkirk was a writer at Saturday Night Live when he was just 25. Now, the actor is opening up about his experience.

In a chat with comedian Tig Notaro's podcast Don’t’ Ask Tig, the Better Call Saul star said, “I was unsure of myself. It was hard,” adding, “It was existentially dangerous. I had feelings of ‘I should erase myself.'”

Expanding on the topic, the Breaking Bad star revealed the advice he gave to his 24-year-old son, an aspiring comedy writer.

“I was too young when I got hired at SNL,” Bob continued. “That was not a good thing. That could’ve gone wrong. That could’ve gone so wrong. It came this close so many times to going so wrong. You gotta believe me. And it’s hard for kids to believe you when you say, ‘I had no ******* clue what I was doing and I was scared outta my wits for years.'”

Meanwhile, Bob’s gig at the award-winning show SNL was from 1987 to 1991, where he penned sketches for A-list stars, including Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Mike Myers, Tim Meadows and Chris Farley.