WATCH: This is how you can meme-ify your next party like Trish fun costume bash

Trish Belizaire's meme-themed Halloween bash took internet by storm

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Trish Belizaire sets the bar high with memorable meme costume bash - your party inspiration. Instagram video screengrabs
Trish Belizaire sets the bar high with memorable meme costume bash - your party inspiration. Instagram video screengrabs

Are you tired of the same old party themes and looking for fresh, exciting ideas to make your upcoming gathering unforgettable? 

Look no further, as Trish Belizaire, known as @dolledbytrishie on Instagram, has thrown a meme-themed Halloween bash that's generating waves of inspiration for party planners everywhere on the internet.

Trish's recent event, which brought popular internet memes to life, has quickly become a viral sensation. Attendees at her meme-themed extravaganza showcased their creativity through an array of meme-inspired costumes, making it a night to remember.

Trish herself led the charge by ingeniously embodying the viral optical illusion known as "The Dress." By splitting her dress in half, she humorously embraced both the gold and white, and blue and black color schemes, playfully sidestepping the ongoing debate about the dress's true colors.

One standout guest at the party captured the essence of the infamous "guy on the phone" meme. Dressed in a teal polo adorned with thin white stripes and khaki pants, they hilariously embodied the character's tattle-tale persona.

But the meme magic didn't stop there. Three of Trish's friends decided to pay tribute to the iconic Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson meme, sporting black turtlenecks, chain necklaces, and black fanny packs, replicating the internet sensation's signature style.

The gathering also featured meme-inspired costumes such as Arthur's fist, "Salt Bae," the "confused guy," and even a witty reenactment of Wendy Williams in her Statue of Liberty costume, recreating her famous on-air fainting incident from 2017.

Trish Belizaire's Instagram post, showcasing her friends' meme-inspired costumes, quickly caught the attention of social media users. 

Comments flooded in, with one user humorously asking, "Get the dress girl in here, we have to know how she did it. We must." Trish graciously shared her secret, revealing that she had purchased the dress from, delighting her followers with the inside scoop.

While there wasn't a definitive winner for the best costume, the "guy on the phone meme" and the Wendy Williams impersonation received considerable praise. 

As meme-themed Halloween costumes continue to gain popularity, people are finding fresh ways to incorporate internet culture into their celebrations, making every gathering a memorable event.