Local Pennywise plays riddles with residents of this Scottish village

Local Pennywise leaves boxed clues around Skelmorlie challenging the villagers to solve a riddle

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The Skelmorlie clown. and one of his riddles clues.— Cole Deimos Facebook
The Skelmorlie clown. and one of his riddles' clues.— Cole Deimos Facebook

A mysterious clown has been causing quite a stir in the streets of a Scottish village, engaging in playful antics with the local residents. 

This enigmatic figure, donning a Pennywise-style costume, decided to leave a series of boxed clues around Skelmorlie on a fateful Friday the 13th, challenging the villagers to solve a riddle.

In a spirit of camaraderie, the locals joined forces to uncover all the red boxes, which eventually led them to Skelmorlie's community garden in North Ayrshire. 

To their surprise, they discovered a small black cash box. However, instead of discovering hidden treasure inside, they were greeted with their own reflection in a mirror, with the word "clown" written on it.

Isy Agnew was one of the villagers who solved the riddle. —X@Isy Agnew
Isy Agnew was one of the villagers who solved the riddle. —X@Isy Agnew

Speaking to Sky News, the Skelmorlie clown playfully rhymed: "Hello again, Jen, that's correct, yes. They solved my riddle with just 10 hours left. The clue led them to a popular place, in the heart of the village where I hide in the day. 

They then had to hunt for a thing with a lock. After a third hunting party, they found a black box. After all their hard work, they opened it up and gasped - to be met with their own face staring back."

The Skelmorlie clown recently gained international attention for their "message to the media" and a playful "dare" for the police to apprehend them, although there is no indication of any criminal activity.

Isy Agnew, one of the villagers who successfully cracked the riddle after discovering a red balloon and box with a key outside her door, shared her excitement with Sky News

She mentioned that the village's Facebook page was buzzing with discussions about the clown's activities. Upon opening the final box and finding a mirror with the word "clown" written on it, Agnew commended the clever and inclusive nature of the clown's riddles.

These mysterious and lighthearted antics are anticipated to continue up to Halloween, creating a sense of community and excitement. A Facebook account under the name Cole Deimos has been established for the Skelmorlie clown, indicating that the character "studied at Clown School" and resides in Skelmorlie.

The identity of the clown, who made their first appearance in the village approximately two years ago, remains a well-guarded secret, with locals keeping mum about who might be behind the mask.

While the clown's Pennywise-style outfit and past photos and videos posted online have reportedly left some locals "terrified," the Police Scotland spokesperson informed Sky News that they had not received any reports of wrongdoing.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the character that inspired the clown's appearance, is the primary antagonist in Stephen King's "It." This malevolent figure haunts the streets of Derry, Maine, every 27 years, preying on children. 

The iconic character was portrayed by Tim Curry in the 1990 miniseries and by Bill Skarsgard in the 2017 and 2019 film adaptations.

Agnew expressed her appreciation for the sense of community and anticipation that the Skelmorlie clown's Halloween appearances bring to the village, emphasising that it is a source of delight for both her and her grandchildren. 

"They're thrilled granny has had a visit from Pennywise," she added.