Does Taylor Swift stage Travis Kelce's kiss after Chiefs win?

Taylor kissed to Travis Kelce was branded 'inauthentic' by a body language expert

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Does Taylor Swift stage Travis Kelces kiss after Chiefs win?
Does Taylor Swift stage Travis Kelce's kiss after Chiefs win?

Following the Chiefs' win against the Los Angeles Charges, Taylor Swift kissed Travis Kelce's cheeks, which have broken the internet. But, one body language expert, Darren Stanton, believed the sweet gesture was clearly staged.

Snaps shared by Mecole Hardman's girlfriend Chariah Gordon showed the Grammy winner sweetly planting a kiss on the cheeks of the 6'5 feet tall.

Weighing in on the viral images, per Cheatsheet, the expert said, "If you look at Travis Kelce's expression in these photos, it's almost like one of glee like 'look at me.'

He continued, "We might think, 'Why would he not kiss her on the lips if she was his girlfriend?' However, it's clear the photo is staged as the foursome are looking at the camera, which alters their dynamics."

Meanwhile, the staged claims remained unconfirmed; however, the budding romance of the duo could safely be said to be confirmed.

Sharing how quickly Taylor and Travis gelled, an insider told Us Weekly, "Travis is someone who is so different for her" and "with him it's easy" because "she doesn't have to worry about anything."

The source added, "He has his own career and money," and because of that, Taylor is sure "he's not with her for the wrong reasons."