Monday, December 04, 2023

Kate Middleton’s uncle lays bare real feelings against attacks on Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s uncle breaks silence on what he feels about Omid Scobie, and 'Endgame', after Kate Middleton attacks

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Kate Middleton’s uncle finally lets the world in on his personal feelings about Omid Scobie’s memoir and the attacks it launched against Kate Middleton.

All of this has been claimed by Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith.

He weighed in on his thoughts regarding Omid Scobie’s memoir, in a piece for the Daily Mail.

The conversation in that piece arose when Mr Goldsmith referenced similar comments made earlier by Jan Moir, who told the Mail that Scobie’s book is a complete “a reshaping of events through a golden Sussex prism.”

This echoes Mr Goldsmith’s sentiments as well, for he also believes, “it is when he is describing the relationship between the Cambridges and the Sussexes that Scobie shows his true colours, painting Harry and Meghan as the perfect working royals, and suggesting that the Cambridges looked 'dull' in comparison.”

In the eyes of Kate’s uncle, “This sounds to me like blatant jealousy, as William and Kate have always been the main event and Harry and Meghan the sideshow.”

“Our future monarchy will always be front and centre for obvious reasons but, until the Sussexes felt that they were not getting the lion's share of the publicity, it was harmonious,” but “then all hell broke loose,” he also added before signing off from the conversation.

For those unversed with Mr Goldsmith’s reason for the clapback, it has everything to do with the recent attacks against the Firm, as well as the existence of some explosive accusations, regarding racism, by senior most members.