Thursday, December 07, 2023
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Wordlers assemble! Let's find out today's answer to Wordle #901

Find out a series of hints to Wordle for Thursday, December 7

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A screenshot of a Wordle puzzle. — Wordle
A screenshot of a Wordle puzzle. — Wordle

Do you need help finding today's Wordle answer to keep your win streak intact? Don't stress because we have you covered with a set of hints followed by today's word reveal.

Wordle poses a cleverly straightforward challenge to its hordes of participants each day but it's not always easy to guess a five-letter word in just six guesses.

The contextual hints you pick up from each guess are all you have to help you uncover the Wordle solution, but frequently that isn't enough.

As Wordle can be challenging, looking for a little assistance is normal. 

Here's a selection of Wordle hints to help you figure out Wordle #901's solution for Thursday, December 7. You will also find today's Wordle answer once you get past the hints.

Wordle hints

Number of vowels:

For today’s Wordle, the game developers have added two vowels.

Starting letter:

You must remember that today’s word begins with a consonant (letters that represent certain speech sounds, specifically sounds that involve blocking the air before it leaves the mouth, such as with the tongue, lips, or throat).

Double letters:

Wordle does have double letters today

Meaning of the word:

The word in today's Wordle is used to refer to something that usually happens at night.

Starting word for today's Wordle:

If you type in the starting word "lapse", then four letters will turn yellow.

How to play Wordle?

If you are new to Wordle, don't worry because the rules of the game are simple. Gadinsider suggests it would be best if you guessed a five-letter word by typing any word of the same length.

The game identifies which letters in the word are correctly placed (green), which words are in the wrong place but still in the word (yellow), and which letters are not in the word at all (grey).

This feedback from the game will help you focus your guesses and locate the hidden word.

Beware! The Wordle answer has been spoiled for you below.

Wordle answer

Today's Wordle Answer for #901 on Thursday, December 7 is: SLEEP.