WATCH: Hungry hawk swoops on little kitten — Will it eat it?

Remarkable encounter between two very different creatures reminds of unpredictability of nature

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Nature is full of surprises, and sometimes it offers us glimpses into the delicate balance between predator and prey but a recent extraordinary incident caught on camera, showcases the raw beauty of the animal kingdom.

In an unexpected encounter, a hawk attempted to hunt down a kitten through a car windshield as the driver watched in amazement.

The hawk swooped down onto the hood of the car, its sharp eyes fixed on the oblivious kitten perched on the dashboard but it did not expect what would follow.

Instead of attacking the kitten, the dumbfounded hawk simply perched on the hood and looked around for a few moments before accepting defeat and flying away.

It was a remarkable and unusual interaction between two very different creatures and a reminder of the unpredictability of nature.

The video quickly became viral on social media as reactions came pouring in from across the world.

Comments on Instagram ranged from hilarious to concerned.

One of them said, "Poor cat scared as hell. All for a video."

Another netizen wrote, "I would turn the windshield wiper on."

A third said, "good thing the baby kitten was inside."