Japan earthquake: 90-year-old Japanese trapped under rubble found alive after 5 days

Woman was trapped in a narrow space between the first floor and second floor of her house

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Massive earthquake hits Japan — BBC
Massive earthquake hits Japan — BBC

A 90-year-old woman trapped under rubble on Monday was found alive nearly five days after an earthquake hit Suzu city in Japan.   

The woman remained trapped under the rubble for nearly 125 hours, USA Today reported.

The woman who had yet not been identified had been trapped in a narrow space between the first floor and the second floor of her house. She has suffered multiple wounds including leg and knee injuries and has been admitted to the hospital.

According to a member of the emergency rescue team, “This is a very rare case, as it is the rescue of a person alive quite a long time after an earthquake”, which makes it amazing.

In addition, according to local news channels, rescuers also found a woman in her 40s in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest, at the same location.

In a statement by Inaba Mototaka a doctor from the non-profit organisation Peace Winds Japan, a person has a higher chance of survival after 72 hours if they are in warm conditions and have access to water.

The massive earthquake of 7.5 magnitude that hit Japan on Monday and the subsequent aftershocks and landslides have up till now taken 126 lives with more than 500 people injured and 200 people missing.

The rescue operations are facing difficulties due to rain and snow. Officials are concerned that roads that are already cracked could completely collapse which would make it difficult to deliver aid and relief supplies.

Since 2020 more than 500 small and medium earthquakes have been struck making Japan one of the most seismically active countries in the world.