WATCH: Is Brunei's Prince Abdul Mateen, Anisha Rosnah's wedding world's most expensive?

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After a ten-day celebration, Prince Abdul Mateen and Anisha Rosnah Isa Kalebic can now start their married life together after giving the world a "wedding of the decade".

The festivities were grandiose, incorporating public, secular celebrations with both traditional and religious ceremonies. The Katam Quran, a unique reading of the Quran, was read at the start of the previous Sunday. 

There, Anisha wore her first bridal look, which the designer Teh Firdaus posted with the message, "It's an honor to be involved in the royal wedding in Brunei."Watch Yang Mulia Dayang Anisha Rosnah Adam Isa Kalebic embrace elegance at her Khatam Quran ceremony while wearing our custom-crafted baju kurung made of delicately woven tenunan Brunei.

Then, on Wednesday, the intricate, centuries-old Istiadat Berbedak powdering ceremony was held. In this traditional Malaysian and Bruneian ceremony, the prospective husband and wife are blessed by close relatives, bringing good fortune and fertility into their marriage. 

Although in other families the paste is administered to the full body, these close family members apply it to the couple's hands.

Abdul Mateen was the first to arrive at the ceremony; the couple arrived separately. A 17-gun salute marked his arrival, and a procession of forty spear-bearers preceded him. Anisha Rosnhah arrived and received the same blessings from the Sultan and his wife before anyone else did. 

The pair wore coordinating crimson dresses for the occasion; they were opulent and obviously very well-designed and ornamented.

Following the vows on Thursday, Bruneians and observers of the royal family worldwide eagerly anticipated Sunday, when the celebratory mood peaked. 

The couple's first public recognition as husband and wife, known as the "bersanding," sparked celebrations and merriment, culminating in a parade through Brunei's capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.