Miracle in Newham: Abandoned newborn found alive in shopping bag as police hunt for mother

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The newborn was found at the junction of Greenway and High Street South— Google/Geograph
The newborn was found at the junction of Greenway and High Street South— Google/Geograph

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded in the bustling streets of east London, a newborn baby girl was discovered wrapped in a towel inside a shopping bag, igniting a desperate search for her mother, BBC reported. 

The chilling discovery took place in Newham, where a vigilant member of the public stumbled upon the tiny infant and acted swiftly to keep her warm until paramedics rushed to the scene.

The Metropolitan Police, responding to the distressing call at 21:15 GMT on Thursday, confirmed that the baby, miraculously unharmed, is now safely recovering in the hospital. 

Chief Superintendent Simon Crick lauded the Good Samaritan's heroic act, stating, "The walker's action in keeping the little girl warm contributed to saving the baby's life."

Amidst the relief over the baby's survival, authorities are now urgently appealing for the mother to come forward. In a direct plea, the police conveyed a powerful message: "Please know that your daughter is well, no matter what your circumstances, please do seek help by dialing 999." 

Concerns for the mother's well-being are paramount, as she is believed to have undergone a traumatic ordeal during childbirth. 

Trained medics and specialised officers stand ready to offer immediate support, urging her to reach out either by phone or by visiting the nearest hospital or police station.

The investigation has broadened its scope, with the police also urging anyone with information about the mother's identity to come forward.

 The city holds its breath as the search intensifies for the woman connected to this emotional and mysterious incident.