Is toxic masculinity driving gen Z boys, men to oppose feminism?

Gen Z boys, men are said to have endanger women's safety by looking upto "absolutely misogynist" Andrew Tate

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Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate exiting a court in Bucharest, Romania. — AFP/File
Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate exiting a court in Bucharest, Romania. — AFP/File

Boys and men from generation Z are more inclined than older baby boomers to think that feminism has done more harm than good, as per the data indicating a "real risk of fractious division among this coming generation.

According to a survey of more than 3,600 people, one in four guys in the UK between the ages of 16 and 29 think it is more difficult to be a man than a woman, and a fifth of them now think well of social media influencer Andrew Tate, according to the Guardian.

Tate, a British-American former kickboxer with 8.7 million followers on social networking site X, is accused of rape, human trafficking, and starting a criminal gang in Romania with the intention of sexually abusing women. He's made comments about choking and beating women and has said he is “absolutely a misogynist”.

Moreover, Tate holds a bad reputation among progressive and feminist groups deeming him a threat to women's safety all over the world.

In addition, 32% of males aged 16 to 29 think highly of best-selling author and Canadian academic Jordan Peterson, whereas only 12% of women in the same age group feel the same way. 

On the other hand, a greater percentage of young men still hold negative opinions about Tate, believe that feminism has done more good than harm, and believe that being a woman today is harder than being a man.

Tate, a man of mixed race, claimed to have been an atheist before converting to Islam. He said that melanin, the pigment found in skin, “gives wisdom and insight, along with bravery and physical power” in tweets written in Jamaican patois.

In a recent video, Tate, who advocates for young men to take charge of their life, is seen yelling at them over images of him driving a sports car, discharging a rifle, and vaping: "You're not supposed to be happy. You’re supposed to be monumentally influential and capable.”