Sarah Ferguson 'acutely aware of responsibility' as mother, grandmother

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Sarah Ferguson acutely aware of responsibility as mother, grandmother
Sarah Ferguson 'acutely aware of responsibility' as mother, grandmother

Prince Andrew’s former wife Sarah Ferguson has opened up about her major responsibility as mother and grandmother.

Taking to Instagram, Princess Eugenie and Beatrice mother posted her stunning photo and said that as co-chair of Global Citizen NOW: Melbourne she was going to Melbourne to participate in vital intergenerational conversations with young leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region, who are doing frontline, grassroots work to address the climate crisis, the hunger crisis, girls’ education and issues perpetuating cycles of extreme poverty.

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Sarah Ferguson went on saying, “My parents always highlighted the need to champion the quiet voice of Mother Nature, and now even more so since becoming a grandmother I’ve become acutely aware of my responsibility, and that of my generation, to do everything we can to improve the state of the world we are leaving for our grandchildren.”

Commenting on it, one fan said, “This is amazing!!! Congratulations. Well-deserved. They are so lucky to have you!”

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Another commented, “Wonderful Sarah you are inspiring.”