'Harry Potter' Dog: Canadian Dumbledore teaches labradoodle Hogwarts spells as commands

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Canadian dog owner teaches labradoodle 15 Harry Potter spells as commands.—TikTok@dobbyisafreedoodle
Canadian dog owner teaches labradoodle 15 'Harry Potter' spells as commands.—TikTok@dobbyisafreedoodle

Audriana Li, the creative mind behind @dobbyisafreedoodle on Instagram and TikTok, has enchanted the online world by teaching her 3-year-old Labradoodle a magical array of 15 "Harry Potter" spells as commands, the New York Post reported. 

Li, a dedicated "Harry Potter" fan from Toronto, named her canine companion after the beloved house elf, Dobby, from the iconic series.

In a captivating 51-second clip that recently went viral, Li showcases her dog's wizard-like responses to enchanting phrases adapted from the magical world. Li started the magical training when Dobby was just a few months old, with "Accio (come/recall)" being the first spell he learned at the tender age of 11 weeks.

The spells include creative adaptations such as "expelliarmus" for "drop it," "wingardium leviosa" for "jump up," and the amusing "go to Azkaban" as the command to enter his crate. Li humorously contemplates whether Dobby's responsiveness to Harry Potter spells makes him a wizard or herself a witch casting spells on her "muggle" dog.

Li candidly shares the challenges of teaching certain spells, like changing "Protego" to "tuck" and opting for "Immobulus" instead of "Petrificus Totalus" for the command "stay." Interestingly, the most requested spell from admirers is "Avada Kedavra," translated to "play dead."

Dobby's mystical mannerisms and magical repertoire have garnered him a substantial following of 28,000 TikTok enthusiasts. Li even has a comprehensive PowerPoint deck for potential dog sitters, complete with pronunciation guides and explanations for each spell. 

The enchanting duo continues to capture the hearts of Harry Potter fans and dog lovers alike with their whimsical wizardry.