UAE visa rules: Fines up to Dh20,000 for administrative violations

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A representational image showing the UAE flag with visa and stamp. — Daily Times
A representational image showing the UAE flag with visa and stamp. — Daily Times

A set of administrative violations about the Emirates ID card, residency services, and foreigners' issues have been categorised by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP), Gulf News reported.

According to the ICP, penalties vary from Dh20 to Dh20,000, depending on the kind of infraction. 

According to an ICP source who elaborated on the infractions listed on the website, the fine for issuing visas or entry permits to an establishment that does not conduct any activity is Dh20,000.

ICP has categorised violations into 14 categories. Among them are: 

Three violations worth Dh5,000 

  • Interfering with ICP worker's jobs.
  • Failing to collaborate with them.
  • Failure of client to pay for ICP services given.

Dh500 in punishment for six different categories of infractions

  • An organisation providing the ICP passport officer with information about an individual who isn't an authorised representative of the organisation. 
  • Using e-dirham to submit transactions that are not associated with the company the representative represents.
  • The representative's card expiration date.
  • When submitting transactions, the representative's card is not displayed. 
  • Violating the work system in the service centres.
  • Failure to abide by the promise made by individuals to the ICP.

Additional penalties include

  • A person may be fined Dh3,000 if they give false information. 
  • Users who print their applications incorrectly may be fined Dh100.
  • If they forget to renew their Emirates ID card within 30 days of its expiration, they may be fined Dh20 per day, up to a maximum of Dh1,000.