Steubenville woman's Stanley Cup saves her life by blocking bullet

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A woman holding a Stanley Cup. — Business Insider via Megan Willett-Wei
A woman holding a Stanley Cup. — Business Insider via Megan Willett-Wei

The Stanley Cup, which skyrocketed to fame recently for its ability to keep ice frozen and survive fires, has saved a Steubenville woman’s life by blocking a bullet, adding another feature to its list of reasons why everyone should have one.

Rachel Kelley managed to survive a stray bullet from hitting her all thanks to her Stanley, after gunfire erupted in front of her Maryland Avenue home recently.

"We heard seven or eight gunshots and then we heard one loud bang, so that was the bullet coming through the house, Kelley said. "It was coming right at me. If I hadn't had this, it was my stomach or my chest, whatever it was, it was going to get shot.”

When the noise ended, she got a look at her mug.

"That is the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life," she said.

She found her Stanley mug on the floor with a dent and marks on it. The bullet hit the bottle, and a table, then landed on the kitchen floor.

When the Steubenville police showed up, they were also a bit stunned by the very different kind of mug shot, CBS News reported.

"They were like, 'mind blown, that was crazy,'" Kelley said.

Her only request for investigators: "Please don't take my cup. I need that cup."

Kelley put the incident on TikTok and the post garnered thousands of likes and comments, most people were equally stunned, and some associated the mug with bad luck.

"I'm keeping it forever," she said. "Is it like made of magic? I think it's just really good stainless steel.”

The incident left a hole in the wall and a dented mug, but no one was injured. Kelley and her fiancé are moving, and she gains new respect for her new best friend, Stanley.

"I would have never thought it'd be the savior of my days, but I'm glad it was," she said. "I will never make fun of those cups again," Kelley added.