Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson's ‘corrupt trysts' with millionaire exposed

Prince Andrew has just been put back under blast for his association with a corrupt millionaire

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Prince Andrew has just been put on blast for his associations to a corrupt Turkish millionaire, right alongside Sarah Ferguson.

According to a report by the Daily Mail and it reveals a £1 million association with the financier.

The issue itself is in regards to the £1.4 million in payments received from Selman Turk on behalf of Nebahat Isbilen.

Mr Turk was a Goldman Sachs banker who helped Isbilen invest her money within the UK, and is now facing a possible jail sentence over this help.

By extension the payments made to Sarah Ferguson have also come under the radar this way.

About £750,000 were also shared with the Duke, in alleged payment for helping to secure her passport after husband a wealthy MP became a political prisoner.

Per the outlet, Alphabet, a company based in London and connected to Turk also paid about £170,000 to Prince Andrew in one week, right alongside another invoice that came shortly thereafter of £212,676.56.