WATCH: Elderly woman busts out moves during dance off on cruise ship

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Elderly woman busts out moves during dance off on cruise ship. — Instagram/@majicallynews

An elderly woman has taken the internet by storm after a video of her killer moves went viral, proving that growing old is only boring if you make it.

A video of an elderly woman dancing on a deck of a cruise ship went viral for her incredible dance moves which  impressed netizens who have praised the woman for not letting age stop her from having a good time.

The video shows the the crowd cheering for the "grandma" who volunteers to join a dance off on deck.

The woman astounds everyone in the crowd with her talent and energy with each graceful motion, encouraging the audience to cheer her abilities.

She demonstrated her skill on the dance floor with a heartfelt performance, ultimately winning the dance off.

The video has garnered over a million views since it was posted online.

"She ate up the whole stage," a netizen said. "Granny was a bad woman back in 1975," another person commented.

"Why do people have a belief that once you’re older you lose all the ability to do things? People are living longer and if they knew how to rock the dance floor in earlier years, they still will rock the floor currently," a comment read.