WATCH: At least 3 killed as tornadoes in Ohio leave behind path of destruction

Significant damage was also reported by the officials in multiple counties in Ohio

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As many as three people have lost their lives in Ohio after a number of tornadoes ripped through the neighbourhoods across the Midwest overnight leaving debris and significant damage behind, according to ABC 7 report on Friday.

Authorities in Indiana reported several people injured after the disastrous tornado affecting Randolph County.

Significant damage was also reported by the officials in multiple counties amid the tornadoes wreaking havoc through the plains and the Midwest.

A half-mile-wide tornado also struck the village of Lakeview where local authorities responded to the mass causality event, destroying homes, buildings and residential structures.

Authorities in Indiana said they were working to confirm reports of deaths from a likely tornado that ripped the city of Winchester.

It is the place where strong winds broke apart large building structures leaving the metal siding wrapped around trees and power lines.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter said: "We don't know the exact extent of damage on the south end of town, but we know some buildings and homes have been completely destroyed."

"Our laundromat is gone, the old plastics building is just completely demolished," Amber Fagan, Indiana Lake Area Chamber of Commerce CEO said, adding that "it's bad.” 

"It's very bad. It's pure devastation. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life."

Images released on social media showed damaged homes in Indiana’s Jefferson County and an image of baseball-sized hail.

Officials in nearby Kentucky said the storms damaged at least 50 buildings, including homes, and overnight, officials noted that they won't know the true extent of the damage until the sun comes up.

In central Illinois, the powerful storms were accompanied by torrential downpours, high winds, and hail, causing trees to crash and fall on the ground.