Ramadan 2024: How not to be thirsty while fasting during holy month?

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An image of the Ramadan mocktail. — Wise Bartender/File
An image of the Ramadan mocktail. — Wise Bartender/File

During Ramadan, the selfless act of avoiding any food and drink from morning till evening is really demanding for the body, which is used to the routine eating patterns.

While, hunger takes a significant toll on the body, it is more burdensome to feel thirsty the whole day, according to Expat Woman.

As a result, there are some healthy and useful tips for you to avoid thirst during Ramadan.

Yoghurt contains 85% of water and is certainly proven to have a lot of nutritional benefits. With little or no prep, one can hydrate themselves from this food.

Extensive physical activity, aggressive workout and heat exposure can dehydrate you as you sweat along. It is better to avoid these actions during Ramadan.

In addition, caffeinated items like tea, coffee and fizzy drinks take away the fluids of your body resulting in dehydration and feelings of thirst.

Add juicy food items in your diet including watermelons, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes.These can add up the water deficiency in your body and are also good source of vitamins and fibre.

Avoid extra spicy and salty food, as you will feel the need of water more considering that these foods make your palate dry. Take shower during the day to feel cool and not feel thirsty.