Bigfoot or what? Large footprints send chills to people

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This image shows a large footprint on a muddy war. — Metro UK
This image shows a large footprint on a muddy war. — Metro UK

A group of walkers were astonished after they encountered a massive footprint on the mud in Watcombe, UK leaving them to speculate about some unusual creature.

The group was on their way near Maidencombe, Devon when they found this footprint and it promptly came into their mind that it may belong to "Bigfoot".

According to a Metro UK report, the group said that the large prints of feet emerged from nearby woods albeit the muddy way.

The group revealed that the prints followed the coast path for roughly 20 meters before disappearing back to the area covered with wood. The people said that they were all weirded out.

One of them stated: "The prints were big. I’m a size 11 and they were half as big again. Clearly a barefoot, every print was perfect like the one in the photo."

Earlier, there have been claims of the sightings of the Bigfoot in the UK with at least 15 witnesses coming forward to assert that they saw the creature.

The report noted citing earlier claims that the people described “an ape-like creature, around five feet tall, with brown hair covering its body and with a green face and no tail”.

Director of North Devon’s Centre for Fortean Zoology Jon Downes said after responding to the reports of Littlefoot sightings: "I have many similar reports of such creatures being seen in Devonshire woodland. And this one is a real cracker because it has so much separate and credible corroboration to it."

As there have been claims about Bigfoot in the US, there have been also concerns about its presence in the UK