WATCH: Florida deputy scared as K-9 partner dog jumps over bridge

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A video went viral on social media in which a Florida police's dog became frenzied and jumped out of the 528 Causeway bridge — 75 feet above a river — sending chills to his handler.

The video footage showed Deputy Lauren Donaldson and her K-9 Zeppelin walking to their car after they completed a reported felony arrest on top of the bridge.

According to Brevard County Sherriff Wayne Ivey, the dog named Zeppelin attempted to climb and jump over the guardrail.

Fortunately, Donaldson gripped the leash and did not let the dog fall off the bridge, pulling him over above the 121-mile Indian River.

The deputy was shocked after the incident as she can be heard saying to herself: "No. No!” as she pulled the Belgian Malinois.

The Sherriff wrote in a Facebook post: "Lauren’s rescue of her beloved partner is even more amazing when you consider that Zeppelin, a Belgian Malinois, weighs approximately 75 pounds and Lauren weighs 122 pounds when she is soaking wet and holding a bowling ball, yet somehow she managed to not panic and pull Zeppelin back to safety."

WATCH: Florida deputy scared as K-9 partner dog jumps over bridge

“Without Lauren’s fast action there is no question that Zeppelin would have fallen approximately 75 feet into the Indian River and most likely to his death,” the Sherriff noted on the post.

He expressed that he was grateful that the dog was unharmed despite giving chills.

According to Sherriff Ivey, Donaldson and her K-9 partner are two-time reigning champions in the "Hardest Hitting K-9 category of the Space Coast K-9 Competition."