WATCH: Water leakage breaks mall roof ceiling in Philippines

SM Fairview Mall is located in Quezon City

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A video went viral on social media in which a ceiling of a mall in the Philippines collapsed, sparking fears among the people with a sweeper also moving away to save himself from any components that could hit him.

The SM Fairview Mall is located in Quezon City where the cause of the ceiling collapse appears to be water leakage.

During the YouTube video, it can be seen that when the camera person goes near the scene, water suddenly falls from the right side of the ceiling nearby where a sweeper is mopping. 

Afterwards, the ceiling collapses completely, with a large amount of water falling to the ground.

The signs of wet floors also move away with the power of the waterfall. Later on, another part of the ceiling also collapses immediately nearby, with people shouting with fear.

Witnessing the situation, which escalated within moments, the sweeper turns and ceases the cleaning of the floor.

No one was hurt.

People in the comment section expressed what they felt about the situation as one user wrote: "Guy with the mop should just walk away."

Another user joked saying: "Gonna need a bigger mop."

"Biden's America," commented a user, referring to US President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Last year, a similar video emerged of a ceiling collapse caused by an undersea earthquake.