This is world's narrowest house built for revenge, not living

Tourist trap or petty triumph? Curious case of Casa du Currivu

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Worlds narrowest bulding which was built to piss off the neighbour. — Instagram@andreapistorio
World's narrowest bulding which was built to piss off the neighbour. — Instagram@andreapistorio

A local neighbourhood story of enmity has turned into a tourist attraction, which can be seen in the form of Casa du Currivu - a building constructed to block the view of another building, Daily Mail reported.

The building, situated in the Sicilian town of Petralia Sottana, is an unofficial record holder for being the "narrowest house in the world."

On the outside, Casa Du Currivu is nondescript with its red brick walls, windows, a door, and a balcony. But a side view reveals the truth: the house is only three feet in width, which is not enough for living there.

Local lore talks about a quarrel that happened between two neighbours in the 50s. Back then, Sicilian custom allowed residents to expand their homes upwards, with a crucial caveat: consent from neighbours whose views might be blocked.

In this incident, a particular homeowner tried to add a floor but he was not permitted because of the claims that the view of the mountain would be blocked. The homeowner didn't give up and fueled by revenge, he used a loophole to his advantage. 

A neighbourly agreement was a prerequisite for an anthill expansion but building codes only required a minimum distance between both buildings. Thus, the hostile neighbour built a wafer-thin house called Casa du Currivu, blocking the unwanted neighbour's view.

As per the statements of the Sicilian Post, the house is practically worthless and impossible to use. In there, a one-story staircase limited the space; two people could not even sit comfortably together. As the last effort of hostility, the back of the house was turned black, and the place of beauty was replaced by a boring look.