Sylvester Stallone ‘insults' draw response from ‘Tulsa King' actor

‘Tulsa King’ background actor claims he was singled out in Sylvester Stallone's alleged insults

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Sylvester Stallone ‘insults draw response from ‘Tulsa King actor
Sylvester Stallone ‘insults' draw response from ‘Tulsa King' actor

A background actor of Tulsa King has come forward with a response after he believed he was targeted in one of the alleged insults by the show’s lead Sylvester Stallone.

In a chat with Deadline, Thomas Mooneyham said the reported disparaging remarks of the Rocky star that described a person on-set as a “tub of lard” and “fat guy with a cane,” were directed at him.

“I was seated at a table with another gentleman, like we were listening to the band,” he recounted adding the use of a cane is due to pain in knees because of “bone on bone.”

He continued, “Stallone’s table with the other main characters was diagonal from ours, about 12 feet away. I did notice that he looked at me a time or two and he talked with, I guess, the director and laughed with him and all. But I didn’t put anything together.”

Adding, “Then we were moved from the scene and replaced with the younger cowboy and a good looking cowgirl.”

These crude remarks drew a resignation from the casting company of the Paramount+ series Rose Locke Casting.

“Now does that bother me? Not in the least. What bothers me is that somebody overheard him and the director. It ain’t even the part that I am fat. I wasn’t the only big one that was there," Thomas shared.

"But I do feel like I was singled out because they said ‘old tub of lard with the cane.’ I was the only one there with the cane.”