Canadian grandmother of 12 breaks records for longest abdominal plank

Grandmother breaks previous record for longest plank by 10 minutes

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Woman breaks record for longest plank. — ABC News via Guiness World Records
Woman breaks record for longest plank. — ABC News via Guiness World Records

Donna Jean Wilde, a 58-year-old Canadian grandmother, has set a new Guiness World Record for holding the longest abdominal plank position by a woman, ABC News reported.

The retired high school vice principal and teacher from Canada held the plank for 4 hours, 30 minutes and 11 seconds, beating the previous recoord by 10 minutes at her former workplace, last month.

The previous record was set in 2019 by fellow Canadian Dana Glowacka according to Guinness.

In order to set the new record, Guinness said Wilde needed to keep her forearms and toes on the ground at all times and the rest of her body needed to be lifted up from the ground and remain straight throughout the time period.

Wilde's 12 grandchildren were the source of her motivation for breaking the record, she told Guiness.

Despite living with chronic pain in her hands and arms, Wilde said she fell in love with planking 12 years ago after sustaining a wrist injury.

She even planked up to six hours a day while practicing to break the record.

"I actually still can't believe it," she said of breaking the record. "It feels like a dream."

For anyone else inspired to break the record she set, Wilde said:"Keep trying and keep practicing. When you have to read or work on your computer, just get on the floor and do it on the floor."