WATCH: Apocalyptic scenes show UAE flash floods wreak havoc

Flash floods in Dubai affect popular crypto conference TOKEN2049

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UAE residents advised to stay inside amid apocalyptic flash floods. — X/@chatwithcharles

The United Arab Emirates has been experiencing heavy rainfall since the past week, resulting in severe flash floods, air travel delays, school closures and devastated homes.

Dubai, famously known to be the "Dream City", received four inches of rain on Tuesday, averaging the amount it receives annually, according to CNN, citing United Nations data.

The government has advised residents to avoid stepping outside.

Dubai International Airport, the world's most luxurious airport, has been forced to reschedule flights until the weather improves after videos showed on social media large passenger airplanes taxiing through several feet of water.

The severe floods have resulted in apocalyptic scenes that have come forward in pictures and videos shared on social media by residents.

UAEs days turn into night amid severe rainfall. — Reuters/File
UAE's days turn into night amid severe rainfall. — Reuters/File

One of the videos showed a severe ceiling leakage in a store in Dubai's Emirates Mall, with water spraying all over the products.

Additionally, another video showed views outside with floodwater standing feet high on streets and with people trapped in traffic as vehicles drowned.

In a different video of the recent flash floods recorded by a resident showed fog covering up the skyscrapers and severe winds creating an apocalyptic scene.

The floods have also affected the popular crypto conference TOKEN2049 in Dubai prompting significant disruptions in and around the venue, Crypto Times reported.

However, the flash floods have also encouraged people to get creative with their mode of transport, as many began to kayak across flooded streets to save others.

Many people have blamed UAE's cloud-seeding practice that increases the water content of clouds, for the recent scary weather.